E-Teck MS SuperLite 400ml foil- White

E-Teck MS Superlite has all the characteristics and benefits of a mainstream MS Polymer and it is free of isocyanate, solvents and silicone, and it retains the same moisture curing mechanism with neutral polymerization. It is odourless and can be painted wet on wet or after curing and has good adhesive bonding properties for light applications and across a range of substrates.

Superlite, as its name suggests has and extraordinary low density of just 0.33 g/cm3 which means on average it is nearly ¼ the weight of conventional PU or MS Polymer, product dependant.

- Vehicle seam sealing internal and external
- Sealing and bonding for drone parts
- Anti vibration
- Noise reduction
- Bonding of insulation material
- Bonding of light weight substrates (where structural bonding is not required).

Dispensing can be by:
- manual cartridge gun or compressed air gun.
- automatic dispensing using 20 litre production line drum.
- spatula

Surface cleaning
Substrates must be clean and grease and dust free, use of E-Teck’s Puresolve cleaner degreaser is recommended.

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