Rislone Injector Cleaner - for Diesel & Petrol - 177ml

Rislone Injector Cleaner - for Diesel & Petrol - 177ml

Rislone Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner with Upper Cylinder Lubricant is the best all-around fuel additive to use with every tank of fuel. This complete fuel system tune-up helps eliminate noisy injectors & fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation. High performance additives maximize power, performance, kilometres and help save petrol by cleaning & lubricating fuel injectors

Regular use, summer and winter, maintains optimum engine efficiency and power. Smoothes rough idle and eliminates hard starts giving cleaner, quieter operation. Cleans fuel injectors, increases kilometres and saves on high fuel costs at the pump. UCL, Upper Cylinder Lubricant, helps prevent cylinder, ring & piston wear along with lubricating valves & guides giving longer engine life. The Fuel Conditioner & Treatment protects and lubricates all parts of the fuel system including the fuel pump and injectors allowing more power & performance. Use with all petrol, flex fuel, E10 E85 ethanol, bio & diesel fuels. Works with all fuel injected, turbo, direct injected & carbureted engines. Rislone, protecting and cleaning engines since 1921. EZ Nozzle system works in all vehicles including capless fuel tanks.

One bottle is concentrated to treat up to 76 L of gasoline or diesel fuel. For small engines, use ΒΌ bottle for every 19 L.

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